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Does our shop take walk-ins?

    Yes we do, if our schedule allows for that.  Most of our tattoos are done by appointment but on occasion we can squeeze something in.  Give us a call and we can see what we can do.


Do I have to leave a deposit when I book an appointment?

    It is standard practice for all reputable shops to require a deposit.  We take a $50.00 non-refundable deposit for each appointment, which gets deducted from your session the day of your appointment.  Our artists are serious about all the work they do and by leaving a deposit you are showing us your seriousness to get inked.  Included in the deposit is the option to have one our artists draw something custom for your appointment. Larger drawings may require a larger deposit. Appointments will not be booked without a deposit.


Can I make an appointment over the phone?

    We can book piercing appointments over the phone.  Unfortunately, we do not make appointments for tattoos over the phone.  The reason being is that it is almost impossible to give an accurate quote and to know what is an appropriate amount of time to book for your tattoo.  What may be a small idea may take longer to tattoo then you expect.


How long till I can get tattooed and how do I make an appointment?

    Depending on which artist you would like to work with, you could be waiting a few months to a few years to start your tattoo. While we do try to squeeze smaller appointments in where we can, due to high demand we are finding it more and more difficult to accommodate walk-ins. We may have an artist available for walk-ins on some days but we recommend calling first to check availability.  

    When you are ready to make your appointment, please refer to our booking page to start the process. 

What are your prices like?

    All tattoos are priced out on a piece by piece basis.  The shop minimum is $100.00 and will go up from there based on the complexity of the piece, how much prep work needs to be done prior to your appointment and how long it will take to do.  We are extremely affordable and moderately priced considering the level of artistry provided. RedHouse Tattoo is one of WNY’s top shops, but no one here suffers from a delusional ego trip or inflated pay scale. We just want to do great art.


Should I book more than one appointment at a time?

    YES!!!!!!!!  For large tattoos that require multiple sessions, our artist typically require that all appointments are booked prior to starting the piece to ensure that your project gets done in a timely manner. 


How old do you have to be to get tattooed or pierced at RedHouse and do I need ID?

    New York State Law states that you must be over the age of 18 to get tattooed even with parental consent.  We require ID from every client for every appointment even if you have been to the shop before, as per Erie County regulations.  

    Our minimum age for a piercing is 8 for earlobes only. 14 years old and up we will also pierce nostrils, navels and helix. 15 years old and up for conch and tragus. 18+ for all other piercings. If you have any questions please call and we would be happy to assist. 716-684-6044

    We require ID from the parent/guardian and request ID from the minor. 

    Acceptable identification shall include any current and valid government issued identification card that contains a picture and date of birth.  These include a drivers license, passport, benefits card, and military ID.


Why not any younger?

   Some of the age restrictions are based on our years of experience and seeing what has worked well for minors in the past, while some of our restrictions are dictated by our insurance policy. 


Do we use piercing needles or piercing guns?

    We use piercing needles and would never think of using a piercing gun on any body part, including the ear lobe.  Piercing guns have major drawbacks in terms of sterility, tissue damage and inappropriate jewelry design.  There are some states, such as New Hampshire, that have prohibited the use of all-non sterile equipment on ear cartilage and non-lobe locations.  We will be more than happy to elaborate further if you give us a call, or even better stop in and chat for a while.  

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