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How to book an appointment


Please call the studio 716-684-6044.

We are open Tuesday - Saturday from 11am - 7pm.


Good tattoos take time and planning. The first thing you want to do is to look at the portfolios of our artists and see who you would like to work with. 

When looking at portfolios, you are not looking for an artist who has examples of the the exact tattoo that you want, but instead the style of the tattoo that you are looking for. For example, if you want to have a black and grey rose with bold outlines tattooed, you want to look for an artist who has the style of black and grey tattoos that you like and whose line work matches what you are looking for. 


Our artists are extremely talented and can work in many styles, but we always recommend working with the artist whose work speaks to you. Visit our Staff page here and click on each artist’s picture to look at their work.

All of our artists are booked out at least a few months in advance and will at times close their books if their calendars get booked too far out. Booking status and current approximate wait times are as follows:

Jess Rocha - books closed, not taking appointments currently. 

Tom Hacic - Books Open

Jess.C Saddleson - Books closed. Will reopen late April 2024. 

Kenna Marks - books closed, not taking appointments currently.

If you would like to work with an artist whose books are currently closed, make sure to follow us on social media to get updates when they open their books. 

Find us on Instagram and facebook, or sign up for our emails

Once you know who you want to work with, if their books are open, click the button under their picture that says “Request Tattoo”.  Fill out the form that pops up completely. Take your time and make sure to include any photo references that you have. It is important that you include as much information as possible to prevent any delays in booking.  Please only submit one form, to one artist for your idea. Submitting multiple forms for the same idea will slow down our response to you and backlog our artists.


Once your form is submitted your artist will review it and get back to you. As we are extremely busy, this can take 7-14 days. Please be patient as our artists answer these when they have downtime at the studio. Also, please keep in mind that your email service may place our response in your spam folder, it's a good idea to check there before reaching out to us. 


When your artist responds, if they have enough information they will send you a quote as well as give you deposit information and let you know how we will go forward to book the appointment. 





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