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We take pride in providing a clean, safe and friendly environment with informed and dedicated staff. Health and safety considerations have become a passion for us - please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Below are a few examples of some of the practices we have in place to ensure your safety.


• Our entire staff has up to date and current CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens training. 

• We spore test both of our autoclaves weekly. 

• We are committed to continual education, and learning current procedures and technology. Both of our piercers are members of the Association of Professional Piercers and our artists are continually taking classes and seminars. 

• Only jewelry that meets the standards of The Association Of Professional Piercers (APP) is used for initial piercing. 


To avoid any chance of cross contamination, all equipment that can not be sterilized in our autoclaves is covered with disposable plastic barriers. Inks are dispersed into single use containers and are disposed of after each client. 

Tattoo needles, grips, tips and tubes are all sterile prior to use. Needles for all tattoos and piercings are new and are disposed of after each client. All of our biohazard waste is disposed of by Stericycle. 

Records are kept of each cycle that is run in the autoclave including who the operator was, when the cycle was run, what the contents of the cycle were and the conditions of the cycle. Integrators are also included in every cycle to ensure that proper conditions have been met.

One of our autoclaves is a Pelton and Crane Delta XL10 and is spore tested weekly to ensure proper sterilization.

Our other autoclave is a Statim G4 2000 and is spore tested weekly to ensure proper sterilization

A spore test is the only way to ensure proper function and sterilization of an autoclabe. These tests are checked and verified by SPS Medical and North Bay Bioscience. Above is an example of our spore test records. Current results are always on display at the shop. 


It is important to note that Erie County Health Department ONLY mandates quarterly testing.

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