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1.   Once your tattoo is complete, your artist will apply your first application of Tatu-Derm for you.  The first application will be worn for approximately 24 hrs.  If you see excessive pooling of fluids under the bandage it may be necessary to change the bandage sooner.  Areas of pooling larger than the size of a half dollar would be considered excessive.  Some small amounts of fluids are acceptable, but anything lager that the size of a half dollar or if the fluids are seeping out the bottom of the Tatu-Derm then a change is required.  


2.   Tatu-Derm is waterproof, but it is easier to remove the Tatu-Derm when it is wet.  Do this in the shower or under running water.  You will want to begin to roll it back from a corner and wet it entirely and keep rolling it on to itself.  You do not want to pull the Tatu-Derm away from the tattoo or pull it off quickly. If the Tatu-Derm is resistant to coming off you can soak the area in clean, warm water to loosen it. 


3.   After the Tatu-Derm has been removed you will need to give the tattoo a good washing with soap and water.  The tattoo will need to completely air dry before the next application is applied.  Once it is dry put on another application of Tatu-Derm.  This application can be worn for approximately 3 days.  Once again the exception to this if you are seeing excessive pooling of fluids under the Tatu-Derm. 


4.   After the third day, you will remove the bandage in this same manner as the first one was removed and completely wash the tattoo again with soap and water.  At this point in the healing your tattoo will start to be dry and flaky.  An unscented tattoo aftercare product or Tattoo Goo should be used on your tattoo whenever you feel it is dry and tight.  Your body will continue healing for the next 7-12 days.


-  DO NOT use Vaseline, A+D ointment, Neosporin or petroleum jelly.

-  DO NOT use alcohol or peroxide.

-  DO NOT swim or soak in a sauna, steam bath or bathtub for at least two weeks. EXCESSIVE MOISTURE IS YOUR ENEMY. Try to keep showers to less than ten minutes if possible. ABSOLUTELY NO TANNING! 



What to expect: 

-Redness and swelling of the skin on and around your tattoo is normal for the first few days. Some areas may swell significantly!!

-As your tattoo heals, it will begin to peel and flake. Do not pick or peel the skin away, let it fall off naturally. Fresh skin will soon replace the dead skin. DO NOT PICK! DO NOT SCRATCH!

-You will most likely experience minor irritation, warmth, tightness and itching as your tattoo heals. 

-The colors and or shading of your tattoo may appear dull or off until the tattoo is totally healed. 

-Exposure to sunlight (this includes tanning beds) is a major cause of tattoo fading. THE SUN IS YOUR ENEMY. 

-For the first few weeks try to keep exposure to a minimum. A sunburn on a new tattoo can cause a lot of problems. It will dry out your tattoo and possibly cause it to scab, fade or scar. Give your body a chance to heal and wait to go back into the sun or tanning bed!!! Do not apply sunscreen to a new tattoo until it is healed. 

-After your tattoo is completely healed, always use a sun block that is at least SPF-30 that provides both UVA and UVB protection. 


If you already know you are susceptible to allergic reactions, let your artist know and ask them what they would recommend as an alternative. Remember to always check the ingredients of any aftercare product for allergies. 


If you have any questions or concerns please call or email us.


Tattoo Care with a second skin product like Tatu-Derm or Saniderm
(our preferred method)

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