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Genital Piercing Tips            


In addition to regular piercing aftercare that may apply, these are some specific points of interest to your new genital piercing:


  • You can engage in sexual activity as soon as you feel ready.  Comfort and hygiene are important.

  • During healing all sexual activities must be gentle.

  • Drinking lots of water can dilute urine as it may slightly sting.

  • To increase comfort and decrease trauma soak in warm saline solution to remove any crusty matter, prior to sexual activity.

  • Use barriers such as a condom or dental dam to avoid contact with your partner’s body fluids.  This includes oral sex and also mandatory for long-term relationships, marriages, etc.

  • Wash your hands before touching the piercing.

  • For more comfort use a new container of water based lubricant for sexual activity.

  • After sex, an additional saline soak/wipe clean water rinse is suggested.

  • Some bruising is possible and completely normal and not a reason to worry.

  • Swelling is also completely normal.  Applying ice packs will help reduce swelling.

  • Panty liners, if applicable to your piercing, can help when there is some spot bleeding.

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